As winter approaches, ensuring your car is prepared becomes crucial. Here’s a brief checklist to bring you up to speed:

  • Wipers: Replace cracked or chipped windshield wipers, and don’t forget to refill your washer fluid reservoir.
  • Cooling System: If it’s been a while since your coolant was changed, have a technician test its condition. Proper coolant, a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water, is essential for preventing freeze-ups in winter.
  • Heater and Defroster: Flush your cooling system to eliminate any scale or corrosion in the heater core, ensuring your heater and defroster work effectively.
  • Tires: Check for adequate tread depth and proper inflation. Remember to assess tire pressure when they are cold, as air expands when hot. Cold temperatures can cause a slight drop in tire pressure.

Preparing your car for winter may not alter the weather, but it significantly increases your chances of navigating it safely. Ensure your vehicle is winter-ready for a trouble-free driving experience – give our experts at Norris Tire & Auto Center a call today!